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Arrivals can be classified as normal or accidental. In first case customers arrive in one by one at equal time system intervals (logistics/ packaging products), while intuitively they seem queueing system software simple to study not. In the second case may be we have the following: arrivals do not occur at equal time intervals but follow a particular distribution customers arrive late customers arrive in batches the customer arrival process changed over time arrivals depend on different characteristics of the system the customer flow is continuous. In normal cases the tail, the process of arrivals reflective so it is necessary to know the probability distribution of,, describing the times between consecutive customer arrivals. Still, we need to know how customers arrive simultaneously (batch or wholesale arrivals) and, if so you need to know the probability distribution and the which describes the size of the batch. It is also necessary to know and the customer's reaction when enters the system. A customer may decide queueing system to wait regardless how large is the queue, or conversely, if the queue is too long may decide not to enter the system. In the second case we say that the customer refuses to proceed.

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A client can proceed, but with over time may lose patience and decide to go. In this case we say that the client withdrew. Even if there two or more parallel queues customers can switch from one to the other. These three cases concern the impatient customers. A last factor in relation to the customer arrivals process it is the way in which the queueing system software process changes over time. An arrival process that does not change with time (allocation probability describing the entry process is not dependent on the year) called stable arrivals process. A check-contrary which is independent of time called unstable process. Service process several of the previously reported in the arrivals process they have to do with customer service.

Specific needs one probability distribution to describe the sequence of years customer service. Even the service can be single or lots. We may have a server to a client at a time, and one server to simultaneously queueing system simulation serve multiple clients (such example a computer with parallel processing, one tour, passengers embarking on a train, etc. )., the servicing procedure may depend on the number of customers waiting to be served. A server may it works faster as the queue grows or conversely. Dan various actual payment terminals, fixed or mobile, or virtual, and are destined to pay the value of a product or service that was purchased. An electronic transfer implies, ultimately, moving responsibility financial from a bank to a bank sending receivers, which is not necessarily following an act of commerce, electronic links between banks insured by rule intermediaries that facilitate the electronic transfer, whether that is an intermediate association which includes two banks, whether it is an independent provider payment services transfer that call to the two banks. Over time there have developed many such systems' brokerage eft, national or domestic, and international or cross-border.

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Electronic transfers can be made in real time (online) such as those occurring almost entirely via the internet or private telecommunication networks or can be only initiated in real time, the actual transfer will take place in the coming days by electronic means, partially electronic or traditional non-electronic. Most electronic payment systems or transfer presented in chapters is the previous transfers are real-time, that occur within the of seconds- tens of seconds of initiation and blocking amount debited sender's account, generally followed by a period of the order of days to transfer actual bank. In the get info following we will brief presentation of other payment systems and domestic or cross-border wire transfers that take place either in real time, are the same day, or within the order of days. Such systems are for electronic bill presentation and payment (ebpp, electronic bill presentment and payment), those for inter bank funds transfers, domestic and cross-border or other payments electronic checks, card-to-card transfers, and transfers between individuals offered by western union and moneygram companies.